15. March 2018.

Register of housing communities

Pursuant to Article 23 of the Law on Housing and Maintenance of Buildings (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 104/16), INVITES the administrators or other persons authorized by the decision of the assembly of the housing community to apply for registration of the housing community to the Department for Construction, Urban Planning and Local economic development, municipal administrations of Rača Municipality.
On 12.06.2017, the registration of housing communities began, by submitting a registration application, within six months from the day of commencement of the work of the Registry by the administrator or other authorized person.
In accordance with Article 19 Law on Housing and Maintenance of Buildings in the Registration Procedure The Registrar solely checks the fulfillment of the formal conditions for entering the data into the Register, which are the subject of registration and publication, based on the facts from the application and the enclosed documents, without examining the accuracy of the facts from the application, the authenticity of the enclosed documents and regularity and the legality of the proceedings in which the documents were made.